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NanoCubed™ 3D Printing Solutions

Tailor-made nanocomposite photopolymer formulas for exponential 3D printing performance.

Tailor-made to suit SLA and jettable technologies, our ever-expanding product line caters to the exacting demands of end-use applications. 

Crafted Excellence

ChemCubed presents a diverse selection of materials meticulously crafted to exceed expectations in both physical and mechanical properties, transcending the realms of mere prototyping and design. Tailored to suit SLA and jettable technologies, our ever-expanding product line caters to the exacting demands of end-use applications. Our 3D printing materials mirror the mechanical attributes of prevalent polymers, delivering unmatched strength specifications within the industry. Furthermore, our solutions can seamlessly incorporate tactile and visual requirements, ensuring comprehensive satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions

The benefits of our advanced 3D printing material formulations.

Customized for Your Printing Needs

Formulated to match your printing technology, whether SLA or Polyjet. Our SLA materials are fully compatible with Formlabs technology and can be fine-tuned for open-source SLA, uSLA, and DLP systems.

Diverse Range of Engineered Plastics

Choose from a variety of common engineered plastics including flexible, rigid, ABS-like, and Polypropylene-like materials.

Unmatched Performance

Experience industry-leading performance in tensile strength, tear resistance, flexibility, and other durability features.

Beyond Mechanical

Our formulations go beyond mechanical performance, offering features such as chemical resistance, heat resistance, and more to meet your specific needs.

Create the Right Material for Your Application

Explore our versatile product lines, offering precision-engineered 3D printing materials in both rigid and flexible series, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing.

Rigid Series 3D Printing Materials

The NanoCubed™ Rigid series features rapid-curing materials meticulously crafted to mimic ABS, Polypropylene, and custom-engineered rigid plastics, meeting precise mechanical specifications.

Flex Series 3D Printing Materials

The NanoCubed™ Flex series offers fast-curing materials capable of producing shape-memory products with moderate tensile strength, high elongation, and a glossy surface, ensuring quick recovery from deformation.

End-Use Application Focus

Understanding that the ultimate goal of printed electronics is to enhance real-world applications, we prioritize end-user functionality.


Circuitry + Electronics Packaging

  • Multi-layer, multi-material printing
  • Rigid & Flexible substrates
  • Via thru-hold process
  • Fine Feature Detail Conductive performance
  • Solderability

Displays + Touch Screens

  • 5b adhesion to substrates
  • Low-temperature sintering
  • Fine feature detail
  • Conductive performance

Flexible Electronics + Wiring Harnesses

  • Multi-layer, multi-material printing
  • Fine feature detail
  • Conductive performance
  • Space and weight savings
  • Printed network vs. manual assembly
  • Potential to integrate into structure

Passive Circuitry

  • Resistors, capacitors, and inductors printing capabilities
  • Inkjet resistors - less than 10% standard deviation
  • Inkjet capacitors - 2% maximum standard deviation


  • Print silver conductive onto a Gallium Arsenide wafer
  • High-performance electrical data
  • Low-temperature process - sintering <120c
  • Fine feature printing ~50 um gaps

RFID + Sensors + Antennae

  • Multi-layer/ templating
  • Rigid and flexible substrates
  • Fine feature detail
  • Conductive performance
  • Solderability

Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • On-demand customization of electronic devices
  • Fewer materials and less energy
  • High throughput and rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Expanding design possibilities
  • Seamless integration of electronic components onto various substrates


  • Multi-layer, multi-material printing
  • Conductive, touch, pressure printed circuits
  • Rigid or flexible substrates
  • Similar PC attributes
  • Medical, dental, fitness, and telecom devices
  • Automotive and Aerospace in-cabin sensors/controls
  • Wearable fabrics

Universal Cartridge Solutions

Unlock the full potential of ChemCubed's NanoCubed™ resins with ProtoART's universal cartridge solutions combined with Formlabs' open-platform printers.

The Cartridge
ProtoART offers a universal cartridge for purchase.
Skip this step if you purchased the ready-to-run version.
Resin Profile
Select a resin profile for the Formlabs printer.

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