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A complete printed electronics turnkey system for next-level additive manufacturing.

There is not only a need for higher-performing materials, but also the combined solution of a ready-to-use and fully capable printing technology.

The Trifecta of Excellence

Our ElectroJet™ Printed Electronic System is a culmination of high-performing materials, inkjet printing technology, and optimized process capabilities.


The Materials

We offer a fully compatible portfolio of particle-free silver conductive, dielectric insulating, and specialty inks providing enhanced printing excellence.


The Printer

The ElectroUV3D™ is an eight-channel flatbed printer providing multi-layer, multi-material electronics with unparalleled performance.

The Processes

Our solutions are bolstered by an array of processes that ensure optimal results of the material, printer, and benefits for the end-use application.

End-Use Application Focus

Understanding that the ultimate goal of printed electronics is to enhance real-world applications, we prioritize end-user functionality.

Application Showcase


Circuitry + Electronics Packaging

  • Multi-layer, multi-material printing
  • Rigid & Flexible substrates
  • Via thru-hold process
  • Fine Feature Detail Conductive performance
  • Solderability

Displays + Touch Screens

  • 5b adhesion to substrates
  • Low-temperature sintering
  • Fine feature detail
  • Conductive performance

Flexible Electronics + Wiring Harnesses

  • Multi-layer, multi-material printing
  • Fine feature detail
  • Conductive performance
  • Space and weight savings
  • Printed network vs. manual assembly
  • Potential to integrate into structure

Passive Circuitry

  • Resistors, capacitors, and inductors printing capabilities
  • Inkjet resistors - less than 10% standard deviation
  • Inkjet capacitors - 2% maximum standard deviation


  • Print silver conductive onto a Gallium Arsenide wafer
  • High-performance electrical data
  • Low-temperature process - sintering <120c
  • Fine feature printing ~50 um gaps

RFID + Sensors + Antennae

  • Multi-layer/ templating
  • Rigid and flexible substrates
  • Fine feature detail
  • Conductive performance
  • Solderability

Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • On-demand customization of electronic devices
  • Fewer materials and less energy
  • High throughput and rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Expanding design possibilities
  • Seamless integration of electronic components onto various substrates


  • Multi-layer, multi-material printing
  • Conductive, touch, pressure printed circuits
  • Rigid or flexible substrates
  • Similar PC attributes
  • Medical, dental, fitness, and telecom devices
  • Automotive and Aerospace in-cabin sensors/controls
  • Wearable fabrics

Why Printed Electronics?

The benefits of printed electronics far outweigh the benefits of traditional methods.

Sustainable Impact

Printing electronics offers sustainable benefits by minimizing material waste through precise deposition, reducing energy consumption compared to traditional manufacturing methods, and enabling the creation of lightweight, customizable electronic components with fewer resources, ultimately fostering a more eco-friendly production process.

Design, Development, and Rapid Prototyping

Printing electronics offer rapid iteration, cost-effectiveness, and customization, enabling faster product development cycles and the creation of tailored electronic devices for specific applications.

Custom Fabrication and Retrofits

Printing electronics offers the advantage of custom fabrication and retrofits, allowing for the rapid production of tailored electronic components and the integration of new functionalities into existing systems without the need for expensive retooling or manufacturing processes.

ElectroJet™ Printed Electronic Systems — the easiest and fastest way to print electronics.

The Turnkey Printer Package

All you need is a computer and we'll provide everything else you need to get started. You're just a click away from printing electronics on-demand.

ElectroUV3D 12'x24' Flatbed Printer plus Software

Accessories and Maintenance Supplies

Starter Inks

Easy Installation, Set-up, and Training

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