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The ElectroUV3D™ is a UV LED flatbed tabletop printer providing multi-layer, multi-material electronics with unparalleled performance.


Independent Control

Capacity to independently control 3D or flat prints with strong adhesion to multiple substrates.


Exceptional Print Quality

Precision Dot Control™ provides industry-leading print quality with y-axis absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability.


Easy Layering Process

Easy layering process for space-saving on multi-layer components with complete height adjustability, catering to substrates up to 6".


Production Ready

Print any combination of the print head channels simultaneously with in-line LED UV curing and low-temperature sintering in a single pass.

Print Quality Capabilities

Micron-scale conductive trace features


Trace Gaps


Trace Widths


Templating Stand-Alone Trace Widths


Multi-Materials Capabilities

This system enables the digital printing of silver conductive inks and UV-curable dielectric insulating/building inks. It features inline LED UV curing for dielectric insulating inks and inline heat sintering for silver conductive inks. With a 1440 dpi resolution and an 8-channel inkjet head, it allows for simultaneous multi-material, multi-layer printing of electronic circuits and components.

Designed for Additive Manufacturing

The demand for a commercial printing tool solution in additive manufacturing arises from the need to streamline processes and reduce labor-intensive techniques. Utilizing inkjet processes, replaces multiple steps and manual intervention, leading to unprecedented cost-efficiency and productivity. This solution offers the flexibility to design, develop, prototype, and ultimately produce digitally printed electronic applications, facilitating multi-material layering for functional coatings and laminations with ease and precision.

Built for Efficiency

One Operator

Ease-of-use allows for one person to run multiple printers efficiently.

Touch of a Button


Touch Screen provides interactive printer status and liquid levels with ease.

Flexible & Low Cost


The flexibility to design, develop, prototype, and produce faster.

The Turnkey Printer Package

All you need is a computer and we'll provide everything else you need to get started. You're just a click away from printing electronics on-demand.

ElectroUV3D 12'x24' Flatbed Printer plus Software

Starter Inks

Accessories and Maintenance Supplies

Easy Installation, Set-up, and Training

We'll Train Your Team

Printing process training covers everything you'll need to start printing immediately.

  • File import and conversion
  • File layer ordering and selection
  • Printer settings
  • Print initiation process
  • All related processes, methods, and best practices
  • We'll leave you with documentation and user manuals
Video Demo

The Printer System

The system structure of the ElectroUV3D printer.